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•  The Oregonian reports that "grocery workers at Fred Meyer and Quality Food Centers stores in Oregon have voted to authorize an unfair labor practices strike, United Food and Commercial Workers Local 555 said Saturday night.

"Workers plan to go on strike beginning Friday morning if union leadership and management don’t reach an agreement on key bargaining issues."

Negotiations with Kroger, which owns both chains, are scheduled to continue this week.

•  USA Today writes:

"For the first time in its 71 year history, the production line for Junior's Cheesecake sputtered and came to a halt on Friday, Dec. 3.

"The company's baking facility stayed closed Saturday before reopening the next day. But production at the New Jersey-based facility came to stop again Thursday. 

"The culprit? Not enough cream cheese."

The nation's cream cheese shortage struck yet again.

According to the story, Junior's "gets its yearly 4 million pounds of cream cheese from Philadelphia Cream Cheese. Between supplying cheesecakes for its mail-order business, its restaurants and around 8,000 supermarkets across the country, Junior's Cheesecakes uses around 40,000 pounds of cream cheese in a day and a half."  At this time of year, the demand is even greater.

The story says that "it could be some time before things return to normal for Junior's Cheesecake."  The cream cheese supply chain could take as long as three months to return to normal.

This hurts my heart - I love cheesecake.  Doesn't hurt my stomach much, though, because it is just one of those things that, the older I get, I find I should eat less and less.