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Instacart's president of just three months, Carolyn Everson,, said on Friday that she will step down at the end of the year.  

Both sides aid the decision was mutual, with Everson saying that it was "the best decision for the company and for me personally."

Bloomberg writers that "Everson was part of a wave of veterans from Facebook, now known as  Meta Platforms Inc., who joined Instacart in the last year. She worked at Facebook for a decade and spent much of that time closely working with Fidji Simo, who left a top post at the social networking giant to become Instacart’s chief executive officer in August."

There have been some reports that Everson was unhappy because while she wanted to focus on consumer relationships and maximizing data usage, her portfolio instead included overseeing retail, advertising, business development, human resources, legal and partnerships.

KC's View:

Who knows what the truth is?

We may find out at some point, but the question that I'd ask, if I were a retailer, is what this all means in terms of Instacart's ability/intention to compete with me with a standalone retail offering that does not depend on me as a retail client?  What does this all mean in terms of Instacart's ability/intention to use my customer data for its own purposes, ability/intention to hype its own brand at the expense of mine, and ability/intention to access manufacturer promotion dollars that used to go to me?

Just asking.