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•  Fox Business reports that "Tesla founder Elon Musk announced PepsiCo will be the first recipient of his company's electric semi-trucks, which are set to finally start production after lengthy delays.

"Musk said in a tweet on Thursday that the battery-powered Class 8 truck, which sport a 500-mile range and are 'super fun to drive,' will arrive on Dec. 1.

"The trucks are expected to reduce fuel costs and overall fleet emissions for the company."

•  Elektrek reports that "Amazon is ordering 20 electric trucks from Volvo as part of its electrification effort for its large delivery and supply chain fleet … Volvo Trucks will deliver fully electric heavy-duty trucks to Amazon in Germany by year end. The 20 Volvo FH Electric are expected to drive more than one million road kilometres annually, fuelled with electricity instead of diesel.

"The Volvo FH Electric is an 'up to 44 tonnes GCW' capacity truck with a range of up to 300 km (186 miles)."

•  Reuters reports that "IKEA's home deliveries will be made by electric vehicles by 2025 as part of a target at the world's No.1 furniture brand to drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions over the next eight years … some cities (are) already fully electric for home deliveries, and many were working hard to build the infrastructure needed."