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Walmart has announced that it is "removing inflation on an entire basket containing traditional Thanksgiving items. We made significant investments on top of our everyday low prices so customers can get a traditional Thanksgiving meal at last year’s price at Walmart … We’re proud to offer customers this year’s Thanksgiving meal at last year’s price so families don’t need to worry about how they’ll set their holiday table. We are currently rolling out the pricing, and customers can take advantage of the savings for all their holiday meals through December 26, 2022."

The company says that "all the basics" are included in the promotion, "like turkey, ham, potatoes and stuffing, but the convenience items are there too, like ready-to-heat mac and cheese or freshly made pumpkin pie, and we ensured that the price for the same basket of items does not cost more than it did last year."

KC's View:

The whole rolling-back-prices thing may get some momentum in the coming days and weeks.  Aldi just the other day said that it is "rewinding prices" for Thanksgiving in the US, rolling them back to 2019 levels.

People tend to spend a lot of money on their holiday meals, and so when companies use the approach, they're probably going to get some sampling from folks who might've previously shopped elsewhere.  This could be an opportunity for some retailers to gain some share of stomach that they may be able to keep beyond the holiday season.