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The Chicago Sun-Times reports that McDonald’s Corp. has developed a new advertising campaign to promote its new $1 menu. The campaign pairs fictional “McDonaldland” characters with well-known celebrities; the first of the series has real estate mogul Donald Trump talking to “Grimace,” a fuzzy, purple McDonald’s character.
KC's View:
This ad made us grimace. Not only is Donald Trump one of the more reprehensible personalities that could have been chosen by the company, we’re not sure how many people outside New York actually will recognize him or assign him any credibility at all.

Seems to us that this ad is all about some ad exec feeling his or her creative oats, not a real focus on the product and the marketplace.

And speaking of dumb ads, have you seen the new TV commercial for Outback Steakhouse? Its new “differential advantage” seems to be something that they describe as “call ahead seating.”

In other words, “reservations.”