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Executives from the Food Marketing Institute (FMI), ACNielsen and The Lempert Report today announced the launch of Facts, Figures & The Future, a monthly e-publication that provides retailers with the most comprehensive review and analysis of the latest consumer trends, its impact on the retail environment and insightful future thinking.

Each full-color e-publication will contain approximately 10 reports that include easy-to understand charts, explaining the impact of the most important consumer trends to the supermarket.

“Drawing from the depth and breath of our consumer information database and the integrated capabilities of the entire VNU organization, ACNielsen analysts will share both rich content and insights,” says Tim Callahan, president, ACNielsen US. “Facts Figures & The Future will provide retailers with a 360° view of the consumer.”

Consumer Trends Expert Phil Lempert will serve as editor of Facts, Figures & The Future.

ACNielsen will supply current data and analysis from their resources including Homescan and Consumer Pre*View Information. These services monitor consumer behavior and attitudes and analyzes its impact on current and future purchasing of non-durable goods such as groceries and health & beauty items.

The first Facts, Figures & The Future issue includes these facts, figures and their impact on future trends:

•Hispanic Marketing: How Hispanic Shoppers [both those who are acculturated and those not yet acculturated] differ in their behavior from White shoppers;
•Dollar Stores: The top 10 Dollar Store Categories and where supermarkets are losing sales;
•Where Shoppers Are Shopping: A monthly look at the breakdown of shopping trip frequency and dollars spent by retail channel;
•Alternative Store Shopping: Results of the latest consumer survey detailing the attributes of supermarkets vs. warehouse clubs;
•Organic Shoppers: Who they are, and who they will be after the October 21st Federal Guidelines are instituted;
•Whole Health Merchandising: Store within a Store vs. Integrated Merchandising – which is more effective in sales by category;
•New Product Trends.

Facts, Figures & The Future will not contain any advertisements and is sent via e-mail the second Monday of every month. FMI members receive the publication for free, while others can subscribe on the FMI Web site, thru the FMI Daily Lead, ACNielsen Web site and on
KC's View:
You can also access Facts, Figures & The Future by clicking on the button on the right hand side of the home page…which we think you ought to do, because there’s no substitute for understanding the consumer.

We like to think of this as a connect-the-dots approach to marketing…not thinking or acting in a vacuum. And we know from our work with Phil Lempert and The Lempert Report that nobody does it better.