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Last week, we wrote about how both the Chicago Tribune and the Chicago Sun-Times were going to begin offering tabloid newspapers specially designed and written for 18-34 year old customers. The logic behind the move is that these people aren’t reading newspapers anyway, so it makes sense to create products tailored specifically to them; we questioned whether it made sense for food retailers to take the same kind of initiative.

According to Crain's Chicago Business, however, “both papers featured slick designs and a paucity of original content,” consisting “mostly of wire stories and re-purposed news, sports and entertainment content.” In other words, nothing terribly relevant to the audience the papers are both trying to reach.
KC's View:
So okay, maybe the newspaper metaphor isn’t ideal in this case. But we still think that it would be very interesting if a food retailer or two would create a store that would appeal to this demographic in basic, user-friendly ways.

It sounds like the papers made a central mistake – they paid more attention to the concept as a marketing idea than to its core value as a way to disseminate news and information. It became more about the wrapping than what was inside the package…, which is a mistake a lot of businesses make.

It seems to us that the first thing you have do with a business venture is establish what the heart and soul of the venture is…and then make sure that this singular component is the lead dog.