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End of the week headlines…and quick commentary

  • Delhaize Group is considering the sale of some of its lesser assets, though CEO Pierre-Olivier Beckers said that no specific part of the country has been earmarked for sale.

  • The Baltimore Sun reports that the economy seems to be having an impact on food shopping habits in its part of the country. One shopper, whose husband recently lost his job of 28 years, has cut her food spending by at least 25 percent. And local analysts say they are seeing a trend toward consumers buying cheaper products when possible as they attempt to conserve money in a time of national and financial uncertainty. And things aren’t likely to get easier…the economy doesn’t seem to be headed for an early recovery, and war-related concerns are not liable to go away anytime soon.

  • Kmart Corp. finally found a buyer for the second of its corporate jets, getting permission from the bankruptcy court to sell the air transport to dominion Aircraft for $3.5 million. It already has sold another jet to Shamrock Equipment for $1.25 million, and has a third jet on the market. Time to bookmark “” on the computers at Kmart HQ…

  • reports this morning that will issue electronic coupons and vouchers that customers can redeem online.

  • Shaw's Supermarkets was named 2002 Private Label Retailer of the Year by the editors of Private Label Magazine, judged on the basis of its Product Innovation, Packaging, Marketing, Employee Involvement, and Quality Assurance.

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