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Campbell has hired Jay Gould, former head of global innovation and portfolio development at Coca-Cola Co., to be chief marketing officer of Campbell’s Pepperidge Farm division.

Gould, who reportedly already is on the job, will have the task of engineering product extensions and marketing innovations for all of Pepperidge Farm’s divisions.

In other executive moves:

  • The Penn Traffic Company appointed Ronald Szczepanski to be its new Vice President of Produce and Floral, managing the produce and floral operations for all Penn Traffic supermarkets. Previously, he was National Sales Manager for Bakersfield Produce & Distributing, in Bakersfield, California,

  • McDonald's Corp. CEO Jack Greenberg announced his retirement on Thursday, to be replaced by Jim Cantalupo, former vice chair and president of the company.

    Greenberg’s sudden retirement comes at a time when McDonald’s has been facing a myriad of troubles -- slowed sales growth, diminished store opening plans as well as the decision to close underperforming units, and apparent difficulty in establishing a workabl;e strategic plan for the future,

  • Some changes at France’s Carrefour:

    • Léon Salto, General Director, Carrefour France, will take his retirement in the first semester 2003. He will be replaced by Bernard Dunand, at the moment head of Carrefour Argentine.

    • Eric Legros, currently Director of Buyings in Spain, will take Bernard Dunand's position in Buenos Aires.

    • Jean-Claude Plassart, head of the group supermarkets division, will also take his retirement on January 1st 2003. His replacement will be Philippe Pauze, who will become General Director, Supermarkets of Carrefour Group.

    • Thierry Garnier will replace Philippe Pauze at the Executive Direction of Supermarkets Division France.

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