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  • Albertsons Bans Vendor Gifts. Published reports say that Albertsons has changed its corporate policy to ban its employees from accepting gifts from vendors.

    In a letter to vendors, the company said it was making the move as part of an overall ethics-oriented approach “in the spirit of ensuring that Albertsons' associates always demonstrate an unwavering commitment to integrity and compliance,” not because of infractions that may have concerned management.

  • Cadbury Buys Adams From Pfizer. Cadbury Schweppes has agreed to buy chewing company Adams from Pfizer for $4.2 billion (US), including $3.75 billion in cash and what is described as $450,000 in tax benefits.

    Cadbury now will own brands that include Halls, Trident, Dentyne, Clorets, Chiclets and Certs, and will be the second largest chewing gum company with a 27% market share.

  • Auchan Opens Second Moscow Store. On the heels of the report that Wal-Mart has been visiting with potential strategic partners in Russia comes the news that French retailer Auchan has opened its second store there. Its first store there opened last month.

KC's View:
On the Albertsons story, d'ya think there is any chance that "slotting allowances" and "promotion dollars" might be defined as "gifts"?

They are...but for purposes of this discussion, they're probably not.