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In one case, it was a matter of not offending the delicate sensibilities of shoppers; in the other, it was because the product actually was a threat to consumers.

Wal-Mart pulled a doll manufactured by Mattel that portrayed Midge, Barbie's long-time friend, as being married and pregnant. While the doll had on a wedding ring, apparently there was some concern about the character endorsing teenage pregnancy because it was sold separately from its ‘husband.”

Kmart, on the other hand, had to recall some 50,000 wooden toys full of candy because they posed a choking hazard to young children.
KC's View:
The interesting thing about the Wal-Mart action is that at least with some consumers, it will ring hollow. One shopper told Reuters, “Wal-Mart pulling Barbie because she's pregnant, but they still sell guns and ammo?”

That’s an interesting perspective, and it illustrates the delicate nature of such decisions. We suspect, in this case, that most of Wal-Mart’s core audience will respect, if not actually agree, with its decision.