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Reuters reports that outbreaks of a potentially fatal form of salmonella in the Southeast US are on the rise, linked to consumption of raw and undercooked eggs.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that salmonella enteritidis infections were up 50 percent in Southeastern states in 2001, compared to a year earlier. The US as a whole has seen a decrease of about 50 percent of such infections since 1995.

Federal health officials say they are puzzled by the increase, and have suggested there should be expanded education and regulatory efforts to prevent the spread of the bacteria.
KC's View:
Last week, it was reported that a CDC study revealed that obesity and diabetes rates were up in 2002, with the highest obesity rates in Mississippi, and the highest diabetes rates in Alabama.

Now, we have more salmonella in the southeast US.

Sense a pattern here?