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USAToday reports that Miller Brewing is catching heat from some viewers upset about a new television commercial that features two beautiful women arguing about whether Miller Lite is best because it tastes great or is less filling…an argument that deteriorates (or is it escalates?) into a mud wrestling match in which they end up stripped down to scanty lingerie.

To be fair, the catfight is portrayed in the ad as the fantasy of two guys who say it would make a great beer commercial, as they are stared at by two women who clearly think they are the biggest morons on the planet.

Apparently, 200 viewers have complained to Miller…but 200 have written to say how much they like the ad.

The commercial has been debated on CNN, and a men’s magazine wants to do a photo spread on the ad’s two women stars.

Beyond the buzz that the ad is generating, Miller says that the 21-31-year-old beer drinking male audience gets it and likes it…and that’s what’s important. “They see it for what it is: a hysterical insight into guys' mentality," Tom Bick, Miller Lite brand manager, tells USAToday. "It's really a lighthearted spoof of guys' fantasies."
KC's View:
Bick also makes another good point – that the ad is “a lot tamer than some of the reality TV shows popular with consumers.”

The email coming to Miller may be 50-50, but the vote in the Content Guy’s house seems to be 3-2 in favor of the ad’s artistic integrity. (Then again, we have two teenaged boys, which sort of weights the vote…)