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We reported last week how McDonald’s is closing stores in its pursuit of a return to profitability, this after posting the first quarterly loss in its history.

However, deep in the announcement we saw a reference to McDonald’s plans that intrigued us.

In addition to closing 719 under-performing restaurants — including 240 in the United States and 175 in Japan — McDonald’s plans to open 850 more traditional McDonald's, as well as 380 "satellite" restaurants inside other facilities such as airports, and 150 of its other brand restaurants.
KC's View:
Considering the discussions we’ve been having on the sire in recent weeks about the lack of food being served on airplanes and the opportunity that exists for retailers to offer products designed to be eaten at 30,000 feet, we think that that “satellite” strategy makes a lot of sense.

Between that and the 150 “other brand” restaurants such as Chipotle, we think that these is a possible bright spot in the Mickey D’s strategy.