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After seven months of testing, Starbucks is shutting down the test of a service in Denver that allows its customers to pre-order their lattes and cappuccinos over the Internet and then pick them up at a retail store.

The company sent an email to its Starbucks Express customers last week telling them that anyone with a debit balance would receive a full refund.

"We learned a great deal about what you, our best customers, expect from a convenience service such as this in the future," the company wrote. "We plan to integrate what we learned from the Starbucks Express test to develop a range of innovative services to ensure your experience as a customer is always rewarding."
KC's View:
While we can imagine using such a system if it were available to us, it isn’t hugely surprising that it didn’t generate enough traffic to justify keeping it going. It says more about how people buy and drink coffee than it does about how they use the Internet.