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Time reports that 25 percent of teenagers are now vegetarians, defining the practice of not eating meat as “cool.”

This isn’t good news for the beef industry. The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association has launched a website that attempts to link beef consumption with being hip and coo, and informs them about the nutritional disadvantages of being vegetarian.

The site suggests that teenagers, especially girls, ought to “keep it real” by eating beef often -- as much as three or four times a day.
KC's View:
While we understand that the beef folks’ defense mechanism necessitates making a move to encourage teens to eat meat, we think that maybe they ought to be satisfied with three or four times a week as opposed to three or four times a day.

Furthermore, while this may irritate the beef folks, we have to admit that there are a lot of things our teenagers could tell us that would alarm us, horrify us, and move us to getting them immediate counseling.

But, “Dad, I’ve decided to be a vegetarian” isn’t one of them.