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This week on, Phil Lempert reports:

    “Over the past few months we’ve heard a lot about the airlines charging for food, and in many cases eliminating their meals altogether. Their food is the butt of many jokes, but the reality is airline food is more important that one acknowledges until they are locked in a narrow tube with two or three hundred strangers for a few hours.

    “Hooters just announced they are going into the airline biz – but before you snicker…what is so smart is that they are separating job functions – flight attendants will handle the boarding/safety issues and Hooters Girls will be restaurant trained and will handle the bulk of the hostess and food functions (as allowed by FAA regulation).

    “This is one of those ‘Duh! Why didn’t I think of that’ revelations. Airlines have outsourced the food preparation to non-descript caterers for many years, and even experimented with serving McDonald’s Kids Meals as special orders. But the idea of outsourcing the actual in-flight service as well as the food is one that warrants test. Let’s see – The Palm for First Class and TGIFridays for Coach? This could well be the solution for both passengers and the airlines.”
KC's View:
The idea of separating traditional duties to deal with non-traditional times is a very interesting idea…and the opportunity of providing in-air food for consumers seems to us to be a terrific opportunity for retailers.

But they have to move on it fast.

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