business news in context, analysis with attitude

One of the points of this series of stories is to help retailers identify new and different ways to market the products already in their stories, based on editorial pieces in some of the magazines being published by Rodale. For example, in perusing the March 2003 edition of Prevention, we learned that:

  • Eating sauerkraut can help prevent cancer. (Page 68.)

  • There are numerous products on the market that can boost one's fiber intake, which, in addition to helping with regularity, can be a real benefit to people with diabetes and/or high cholesterol. (Page 70.)

  • A concoction called "Russian tea" can be a great help in battling colds and sore throats. (Page 114.)

KC's View:
Good stuff, and all pieces of information that can help consumers see products with a fresh perspective.

Which seems to be a sensible way to go into the marketplace.