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From the International Mass Retail Association…
While 86 percent of American adults and 82 percent of American children plan to buy Valentines gifts this year, those surveyed by IMRA expect to spend an average of $71.50 this year, down from last year's average $94.50. Men expect to spend $89.90 this year, while women will spend less than men, $55.90.

"Valentine shoppers are focusing on value and convenience this year more than in the past several years," said IMRA President Sandra L. Kennedy. "The great majority intend to purchase something this year, but they are relying more on the value oriented retailers and the Internet."

Just over a third (34 percent) plan to buy most of their gifts at discount department stores, up from 33 percent last year. Specialty stores are a distant second (15 percent); department stores are third (13 percent). This year, four percent are using the Internet for most of their Valentine's gift purchases, up from one percent in 2000 when IMRA last surveyed on-line shopping for this occasion.

Cards, candy, flowers, gift cards/certificates and stuffed animals lead the list of Valentine's gifts in 2003.
KC's View:
Cards are a gift?

Zowie. We might be able to save some serious money this year…