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At a major food industry company involved with retailing, we're told, the CFO stood up before employees on Tuesday to give a pep talk and 'state of the business' speech, and said "We don't compete with Wal-Mart. We're in a different segment of the market."

True story.

It is a company that has Neighborhood Markets moving into its territories. It is a company that could be competing with Wal-Mart on a number of levels. It is a company in which at least some of the employees believe that "as long as we as a company fail to add the fight against Wal-Mart to our list of things to work on, we're doomed to being an also-ran."

And it is a company that you know. (It isn't Fleming, which these days would seem to be the obvious choice…so we thought we'd take it off the table.)
KC's View:
You may not be competing with Wal-Mart. But Wal-Mart is sure as hell competing with you.