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Home Depot announced that it will open five new landscape stores in Texas this year, expanding beyond the Atlanta area, where it opened three of the units this year.

The landscape stores are designed to appeal to both professional landscapers and do-it-yourself gardeners, with separate entrances. It is believed to be a $20 million to $30 million opportunity for the company.
KC's View:
We approve whenever a retailer decides to break the mold a bit and try something new. We just hope that Home Depot actually has sales help that is useful in these stores.

It was just last weekend that we got a great lesson in why Home Depot is having so many problems. We were in the light bulb department looking for something that we couldn't find, and spied a guy wearing the familiar orange apron emblazoned with the phrase, "I can answer questions about any department." So we asked him, and he had no idea what we were talking about. And then he said, 'Hey, if I knew that, I'd be an electrical engineer, and I wouldn't be working here." And then he walked away.