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"The 2000 Census revealed the tremendous growth in the U.S. Hispanic population over the previous 10 years; and looking into the future, we can easily see that Hispanics will grow by 80% over the next 25 years (while the White, Non-Hispanic population will grow only 5%)," it is reported in the new edition of Facts, Figures and The Future. "What the census does NOT indicate are the very real implications, opportunities and challenges for food marketers."

In addition to defining and clarifying some of the issues facing retailers looking to capitalize on this demographic shift, Facts, Figures and The Future offers analysis by FMI's Michael Sansolo, who notes that "one of the best possible reasons for optimism in the food industry these days should be the growth of the Hispanic market," he writes.

"But winning over Hispanic customers requires some focused effort."
Sansolo adds, "If you are developing or offering products or services for ethnic
consumers, know your shopper first and know them well. Observe how
they buy, what products and in what quantities. How do they cook, and
how many people are they cooking for? Digging deeper into the
cultural habits and likes of this very important ethnic group will be
more difficult and challenging than retailers and brands have
experienced before -- but the rewards will be worth the effort at the

In addition, Facts, Figures and The Future offers a look at private label growth in the US food retailing industry, including a look at how it is being used in alternative channels; an Internet grocery update; a piece about the Kinesthetics of Supermarket Lighting," and how the increasing irrelevance of fast food chains opens a door of opportunity for supermarket retailers.

Facts, Figures and The Future is a co-venture of Phil Lempert, the Food Marketing Institute, and ACNielsen.

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