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A new survey on the subject of ice cream consumption conducted by Harris Interactive reveals that 70 percent of Americans say that they have at least one ice cream “indiscretion.” Such as:

• 26 percent of those polled said they will eat ice cream instead of a meal.
• 10 percent say they will eat ice cream for breakfast.
• 19 percent say they eat ice cream in bed.
• 16 percent say they sneak extra servings of ice cream when nobody is looking.
• 22 percent say they’ll share ice cream with a loved one by serving it in a single bowl with two spoons.
• 57 percent of American males between the ages of 45 and 54 like to eat ice cream right from the carton.

The poll, which was conducted in connection with the introduction of a new line of ice cream products, also revealed that three percent of respondents like to eat ice cream in the bathtub, and a small minority likes to share its ice cream with their pets.
KC's View:
We’re just glad that there was no statistic for people who like to eat ice cream with their pets while both are in the bathtub.

That would’ve been more than we could handle.