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The Bush administration, while saying that there was no evidence that a chemical or biological attack on the US was imminent, offered guidelines yesterday as to how citizens should prepare for such an eventuality.

The government urged the preparation of a "disaster supply kit" that includes a three-day supply of water, one gallon per person per day; food; a battery-powered radio; a change of clothes; an extra set of car keys; and cash.

It also recommended that people keep a supply of duct tape and plastic sheeting in their homes to seal off windows if a chemical or biological attack occurs.

The recommendations were issued by the Department of Homeland Security, and are similar to those made last year by the Red Cross.
KC's View:
We’re not being crass here, but do think that this is an opportunity for retailers to establish their roles as community centers in case of a national or regional emergency. It isn’t just stocking these kinds of items or providing pre-packaged kits…it is being a place where people can come if events warrant.

It is interesting to us that the question of “having a plan” came up numerous times last weekend in conversations with friends and neighbors. We know people who have bought property near the Canadian border, and are holding it just in case they need a safe haven.

We haven’t even bought extra water yet. But we may rectify that today.