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A month after a federal judge tossed out a so-called “obesity lawsuit” that had been filed against McDonald’s, the lawyer representing two New York teens has refilled an amended lawsuit charging the fast food chain with “deceptive practices” in its promotion and sale of fast food products.

The judge who dismissed the earlier suit had left open the possibility that a refilled complaint could focus on the health risk inherent in McDonald’s procedures.

McDonald’s, saying it would not settle the case as a matter of principle, said that “this senseless lawsuit's selective focus on only one food organization is not only absurd when you look at the facts, but is a serious disservice to anyone who is looking for real answers and information about healthy lifestyles, energy balance and personal responsibility."
KC's View:
Forget principle in refusing to settle. Giving this case any sort of validity would open a Pandora’s box in which only one thing ultimately would be found.