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It’s been a crazy week for news, dominated by irregularities and indictments. But there have been other stories that maybe have been ignored more than they should have…

  • That’s A Latte Woman… Playboy announced that it will publish a “Women of Starbucks” feature later this year, offering a look behind the counter at the ladies who brew up cappuccinos and espressos in the company’s popular coffee bars. Think instead of measurements they’ll just label the women as venti and grande?

  • Not Our Idea Of Perfect Casting… There was a report this week that state officials in New Jersey are completing plans that would make Jersey a template for biosecurity preparations. Anyone who thinks New Jersey is biosecure has never driven the northern part of the turnpike with the top down on a hot summer day.

  • Wherever I May Roam, I’ll Come Back To My Home, Although It May Be A Pile Of Debris… USAToday reports this morning that the State Farm Insurance Co. is sending letters to all its automobile policy holders, letting them know that if there is a nuclear explosion near them, the company will not be covering nuke-related damage to cars that have State Farm policies. There’s gotta be a punch line in here somewhere, but we’ll be damned if we can think of it…(By the way, the first person who emails us the name of the song AND the songwriter of the piece of music referred to in the title “Wherever I Roam,” get a MorningNewsBeat t-shirt.)

  • Bottoms Up, Down Under… The Los Angeles Times reports that wines from Australia and New Zealand are proving to be increased competition for California vintners, as they appeal to consumers for both their taste and their value. No joke here. Tell you what…one of our current favorite wines is a 2000 Barossa Shiraz by Grant Burge, which is from Australia and is wonderful with any kind of spicy food. (We particularly like it with our “Shrimp-It’s-All-Greek-To-Me” recipe…)

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