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MediaPost reports that a new study by and Nielsen/NetRatings says that more than 90 percent of affluent adults rely heavily on the Internet when making automobile, travel and computer purchases, and that they access the web every day from work and/or home.

The bottom line of the study: companies looking to sell products and/or services to affluent decision makers need to have a web presence, because it is the critical factor in how these people make decisions. The corollary is that advertisers ought to be using the web as a primary vehicle, according to the study, because the web dominates their weekday media usage.
KC's View:
That’s music to our ears…and pretty much the argument that our crack sales team makes to folks interested in sponsoring MNB.

The reason it doesn’t surprise us is because of all the interaction we have with the MNB community – top people at top companies who are engaged with the hot topics of the day.