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The March 2003 issue of Men’s Health offers a perfect example of how retailers can use information about certain kinds of products to build interest and sales. The article on page 150 reveals:

  • How mangoes can save your eyesight.

  • How orange juice can help you avoid a stroke.

  • How blueberries are good for your prostate.

  • How peanut butter and jelly sandwiches help prevent diabetes.

And more.

The point is that while the attention is paid to functional foods and genetically modified organisms, there are a lot of foods out there that can be terrifically beneficial to consumers. But for them to enjoy the benefits, they first have to know about them.
KC's View:
This is part of our regular series of “Rodale Beat” features, offering a look at how articles from the company’s family of magazines can serve as marketing/merchandising cues for retailers.