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McDonald's Corp. reportedly is considering a reduction in its US corporate structure from three divisions to two, which would cut costs and build efficiencies by centralizing operations.

McDonald's also reportedly is looking to rework its “Made for You” kitchen program, which it launched in March 1998. It is testing a return to pre-made burgers and wrapping them in boxes, not paper, as a way of saving time.

It’s all part of the company’s efforts to find ways to reinvigorate a tired franchise.
KC's View:

Is there anything this company won’t try?

Not that we object to innovation and experimentation. But it would be nice if the company actually seemed to have a clue about what direction it should take and what values are important to its customers.

Taste? Freshness? Nutritional value? Convenience? Price?

Some days, it seems like McDonald’s thinks it is “all of the above.” Which isn’t an answer. It’s just a cop-out.

It seems typical of the company that it has introduced a “McArabia” sandwich to its outlets in Saudi Arabia, made on Arabic flatbread that local consumers there reportedly have judged as “inauthentic.”

There may be no better word to describe practically every move made lately by this American icon.