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Spartan Stores announced that Dennis Eidson, former Divisional President and Chief Executive Officer of the Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company's (A&P) Midwest region, and Assistant General Manager for Nash Finch, Inc.'s Michigan operations, has joined the company in the newly created position of Executive Vice President of Marketing and Merchandising.

Eidson will report directly to Spartan president and CEO Craig C. Sturken. The new position is designed to better coordinate the retail and distribution marketing and merchandising efforts. “The retail and distribution marketing and merchandising operations will continue to function independently, but will now report to a single executive officer responsible exclusively for those business disciplines,” according to a statement by the company.

From now on, the v.p. of marketing and v.p. of retail merchandising, both which used to report to the CEO, now will report to Mr. Eidson. The v.p. of wholesale merchandising position that previously reported to the e.v.p. of supply chain and convenience store distribution will also report to Mr. Eidson.

The heads of pharmacy operations, corporate communications and retail operations continue reporting to the CEO.
KC's View:
Now that Spartan has two A&P alum -- Sturken and Eidson -- maybe the notion that it would be interested in acquiring A&P’s Farmer Jack stores will end up being more than just speculation.