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A new survey conducted by Bowne DecisionQuest, a litigation research firm, says that a majority of potential U.S. jurors believe that parents, not fast food chains, are to blame for obesity in children.

The poll was conducted after a lawyer refiled a lawsuit against McDonald's charging that consumers have not been properly informed about the dangers of eating too much fast food.

Almost eight out of ten respondents blamed parents for childhood obesity, not fast food restaurants.

Just over 56 percent of those surveyed said they would find for the fast food companies in such a case, while about a quarter said they’d side with the parents in a jury trial.
KC's View:
Aside from the fact that the jury pool has now been corrupted a bit, this is an interesting survey. We suspect it will hold true as long as no evidence comes to light suggesting that the fast food companies lied about their ingredients or manipulated their recipes to addict people to burgers and fries.