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A Pennsylvania county court judge has granted an injunction sought by Genuardi’s Markets against disorderly demonstrations by the United Food and Commercial Workers Union (UFCW) at all 32 Genuardi’s stores.

Genuardi’s requested an injunction last week following a March 12 incident at an East Norriton Genuardi’s store where an estimated 200 union demonstrators assembled, then attempted to gain entrance to the store en masse. Police dispersed the crowd for violating a pre-event agreement between the union and the local police to confine its activity to a safe area. The demonstrators were attempting to influence Genuardi’s employees to join the union.

Under the court’s order, the union must, in the future, limit the number of picketers, conduct its activities at a safe distance from the store, and refrain from engaging in disruptive activities inside the store. The union must not interfere with the ability of customers or employees to enter or exit the store, nor can it enter a Genuardi’s store with the intent to disrupt business or distribute handbills.

Genuardi’s Markets is a division of Safeway Inc.
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