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There seems to be a trend taking place in major retailing corporations – the elimination of top level jobs, as companies look for greater efficiency and stronger financial results.

The Observer in the UK, for example, reported that Tesco eliminated 10 positions from its 20-member board of supermarket directors, hoping that a streamlined board will improve its supply and distribution functions.

And, Best Buy, the consumer electronics retailer, announced that it is laying off 60 people in management as it reorganizes its business around product categories and not traditional departments. The Minneapolis Star-Tribune reports that this is in addition to 50 corporate layoffs last fall, and that more may be coming.
KC's View:
As Glen Terbeek likes to say, customers care more about who the cashier is than who the company CEO is. Hate to say it, but we’d rather see more companies cutting from the top and, if anything, bolstering instore staffing levels.