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A new study from Forrester Research confirms what common sense has suggested for some time -- that the growth of broadband access to the Internet, which makes connections significantly faster, will make it easier for consumer to research and execute purchases.

While the first category where this is expected to make a difference is in consumer electronics, clearly there are implications for online grocery shoppers as well.

Forrester also notes that heightened interest leads to heightened expectations -- which raises the stakes for retailers utilizing the Internet as a marketing strategy or sales tool. If the ability to quickly download information and images is available to consumers, then they are going to expect to see websites that take advantage of the technology and the creative possibilities.
KC's View:
It’s not like this is all going to change tomorrow. We’ve been hearing about the broadband revolutions for years, and it hasn’t happened yet.

But it will happen, inevitably. It’s just taking longer than anyone expected.

But the cautionary note for retailers is absolutely correct, and we would suggest that they make sure their priorities are in the right order.

This isn’t just because content is our business, but content has to be what drives web sites. It is, contrary to the misguided beliefs of myopic technologists, the heart and soul of virtually every informational or commercial site out there.

You can have all the fancy programs you want. If the basic content isn’t there, if the site doesn’t have a kind of narrative sense that is keyed to the values and interests of the user, then in all likelihood the enterprise will go down in flames.