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Finally caught up with report from earlier this week that is fascinating -- that 7-Eleven is looking to be more competitive in southern New Jersey, a market dominated by Wawa, by becoming more food-centered.

The company is rolling out a number of new items, including a new Dreammm doughnut, an Italian sausage sandwich with marinara sauce, breakfast Go-Go Taquitos and the first zero-calorie, sugar-free Slurpee.

The new items are being introduced to store managers and employees in the hope that they will be able to effectively explain and sell them to consumers.
KC's View:
: Excellent message. If you want to compete with a dominant company, you try and build on a strength.

In some ways, the 7-Eleven job is harder because Wawa is no slouch in the food business. It actually is a better strategy when expanded to explain how smaller, independent grocers can effectively big box value retailers (insert any name you like here).

Supermarket retailers should pay attention, because the fact is that c-stores and independent grocers have a lot more in common with each other than either of them have in common with Wal-Mart.