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McDonald's Corp. announced that, in order to promote healthier consumer lifestyles, it will begin expanding its Happy Meal offerings for children to include fresh fruit and vegetables, yogurt, and non-carbonated drinks.

In addition, according to a company spokesman, it will create an advisory council made up of experts on nutrition and healthy lifestyles. This council will be responsible for guiding McDonald’s as it addresses nutrition and obesity issues and promotes physical fitness to consumers.
KC's View:
First of all, we think McDonald’s should think less about physical fitness and more about making a better burger.

Second of all, want to bet that Arnold Schwarzenegger is on the council?

That said, we suppose that this is a good move on the company’s part…though we can’t shake the sense that it is opportunistic and desperate, as opposed to being a reflection of corporate priorities. Would it be cynical to suggest that this is a good way to try and preempt new obesity lawsuits against the company?

Our sense that this is a hollow commitment is heightened by the next story on MNB this morning…