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Random musings on a Friday morning…

  • Apparently this week we managed to offend Kmart executives, Germans and even counterfeiters.

    Work well done, we think.

    It is interesting that the people who complained about the German crack we made never got upset when we dissed the French. Or vice-versa.

    It’s all in good fun, folks. We like to take pot shots at almost everybody…

  • Did you see where the Federal Air Marshal Service is thinking about moving undercover sky marshals from first-class seats to coach to give the airlines more high-price seats to sell?

    These guys were flying first class? Because that’s where terrorists sit? We don’t think so…

  • Drove from Seattle to Vancouver and back this past week…and, to be honest, saw very little extra security at the border. When we were coming back into the US, the guy glanced at our passport, asked where we’d been, and then waved us through. Granted, we don’t look like an Arab terrorist…but we were still surprised by the general lack of tension and vigilance at the border. (As opposed to traveling by air, which only gets more vigilant all the time…)

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