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The Natural Marketing Institute (NMI) has released a survey stating that more than a third of US consumers -- 34 percent -- say that they gained weight during the first three months of 2003.

Forty-two percent of consumers who live in the US Pacific states said that they gained weight during the quarter, and women said they gained weight more often than men did. Twenty-one percent of adult Americans said that they eat unhealthy foods more often than they used to.

The NMI suggested that consumers were turning to fattening comfort foods as global and economic situations become more severe.
KC's View:
Or, maybe the fact that much of the US just suffered its worst winter in years, preventing many of us from going outside to get exercise, was in some small measure responsible.

There’s a point at which these kinds of surveys get a little silly. Without meaning to, it sounds like NMI is saying, “Gain weight, and the terrorists win.”

We have enough guilt over the SUV. Enough is enough.