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A new study from ACNielsen reveals that “today’s global consumers connect with brand franchises that symbolize trust, offer a specific expertise and group products logically.”

“Expertise, trust, and logically related categories are the three key attributes driving the creation of Global Mega Brand Franchises,” said Jane Perrin, Managing Director of Global Services, and the sponsor of the study Global Mega Brand Franchises – Extending Brands Within a Global Marketplace. “Leveraging some or all of these attributes is a distinct advantage when trying to extend a brand beyond a core product category or home geography.”

Manufacturers in the Personal Care & Cosmetics area seemed particularly adept at building “Global Mega Brand Franchises,” according to the study. In fact, more than half of the 62 brands highlighted in the study were related to Personal Care & Cosmetics, and more than 22 of the 62 brands found on the entire list utilize the corporate name in their brand offerings. Others, like Gillette’s Oral B utilize logical product groupings – toothpaste, toothbrush, dental floss, and mouthwash – to build powerful brand franchises in the minds of consumers.

In the Food, Beverage and Confectionery arena, ACNielsen named 23 brands as Global Mega Brand Franchises. Of these, the Nestlé brand was found in the most categories (17). Nestlé also takes advantage of consumers’ trust in the corporate name, extending into such product categories as breakfast cereals, baking/cooking aids, chocolate and water.

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KC's View:
Trust, expertise, and logical grouping of products. Sounds like a pretty good road map for retailers looking to build brand as well…if only most retailers would think of themselves as a brand, as opposed to just being a repository for other people’s brands.