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The Houston Chronicle reports that the Texas State Senate Education Committee is considering legislation that would restrict candy and soda sales in public schools during regular classroom hours.

While some schools argue they will lose too much money from profits earned on vending machine sales if they have to limit access to them during the school day, state Agriculture Commissioner Susan Combs told the paper that “parents have a right to expect schools to have their children's best interest in mind. It is my concern because the system may entice children to make some bad eating choices.”

In addition to restricting vending machine access, the bill also would prohibit schools from serving whole milk and foods that have excessive fat content, and would require an increase in the weekly servings of fresh fruit and whole grains.
KC's View:
We’re assuming there won’t be any restrictions on red meat and barbecue…

The message here is that while it often is believed that it is only states like California consider this kind of legislation, it is a growing trend.

It is the future, folks.