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We’ve always found Rodale’s Men’s Health to be a fascinating repository of information that could be used to put an extra and unexpected spin on a variety of products categories in the supermarket. For example, on page 46 of the April 2003 edition alone, you could find out:

• That grapefruit is gaining ground as a power food. Research shows that it can help fight heart disease and cancer, can trigger weight loss and even help you get a better night’s sleep.

• That drinking four or more cups of coffee a day could kill you. (Uh-oh.)

• That to keep your bones healthy, you may need to eat more bread and drink more beer. (Yes!)

On page 60, there’s also an interesting little piece. Remember the character of Founder from that great American comedy, “Animal House?” Well, actor Stephen Furst, now 48, was 320 pounds and suffering from diabetes…until he lost weight, got in shape, and now tips the scales at 180 pounds and is getting better parts.
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