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Business 2.0 reports on the burgeoning fortunes of famed diet doctor Robert Atkins, who has defied massive amounts of bad publicity to build a weight loss empire that seems to have achieved legitimacy among both consumers and some scientific experts.

Atkins Nutritionals reports that it grew about 70 percent in 2002 to more than $100 million in revenue, with expectations this year that it will grow another 70-100 percent.

The magazine reports that the diet doctor foresees “Atkins sections in every supermarket, Atkins food in school cafeterias, in nursing homes, in restaurants, in health clubs.”

And he is feeling fat. According to Business 2.0, when it interviewed Atkins he was trying to lose three pounds -- so he ordered a cappuccino made with cream.
KC's View:
Living in a mixed marriage (Mrs. Content Guy is on Atkins and we’re not), we can tell you that the logic of the Atkins Diet falls apart if you get no pleasure from products such as steak, bacon and cream.

Maybe we’re deluding ourselves, but a dinner of salmon, couscous, a nice salad and a little pinot noir seems so much healthier -- or at least, more satisfying. So last night we made that for ourselves, broiled a steak for Mrs. Content Guy, and just hope the marriage survives…