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We wrote yesterday about “Two Buck Chuck,” Trader Joe’s $1.99 wine that has been a rampant success and has prompted other retailers to create their own versions. While cheap prices for wine got the trend going, ‘Two Buck Chuck” has turned into the fastest growing table wine brand in the US.

MNB user Roy Bitz wrote:

“It is good to see consumers benefiting from this temporary situation-- overproduction of grapes. While there will be some cannibalization of wines with higher shelf prices and like quality, I think Two Buck Chuck is generating tremendous incremental wine sales for TJ's and for all other retailers that are savvy enough to take advantage of the situation.”

On the subject of Wegmans opening its first store in Maryland, one MNB user wrote:

“In your Wegman's story, did you notice that they are re-using existing retail real estate, not building a new box, and in the process (giving credit to their great reputation) helping to revitalize a distressed commercial area.”

We did notice. But it bears repeating.

In the same story, we wondered why Wegmans chose Maryland and not Connecticut. One MNB user responded:

“Two words on why Wegmans avoided far. Stew Leonard’s.

“The ideal place for a Wegmans high-end store is Fairfield County. Stew has bookends in Norwalk and Danbury. However, knowing Wegmans and living
in CT, I hope they get here soon!”

We’ve seen Danny Wegman walking through Stew Leonard’s with Stew Jr…so we know he’s familiar with the territory. Wegmans and Stew Leonard’s are such different shopping experiences, we hope that they don’t have a gentlemen’s agreement not to compete with each other.

And finally, on the subject of United Airlines and its mistaken priorities, one MNB user wrote:

“The greediness of large corporations is incredible! If United Airlines (along with the others) would rethink their pricing strategy, maybe more people would fly! I've postponed my yearly vacation to Florida with my three children simply because I refuse to spend the money for the astronomical airfare. Doesn't matter that I can get my hotel for $89.00 per night because they, at least, want my business. Even my car rental was realistic. Do the airlines want my business or not? Doesn't seem like they do!!

“Business travelers are stuck with the high price of travel simply because they have no choice. Vacationers have a choice and I've chosen to stay home.

“Executives receive large salaries and incredible bonuses, therefore living the good life. What about the little people who work their tales off to make that CEO successful? Oh yeah, we get a 1% raise because "times are tough" and bonuses are non-existent. If a company is having financial problems, they only have themselves to blame. Stop pointing fingers and accept the responsibility and take away that over-the-top executive salary!”

Which is sort of how we began today’s MNB.

Have a good day.
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