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In what is billed as the “largest single e-commerce distribution event in history,” and FedEx will team up to deliver “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix,” the latest novel in the wildly popular series, to consumers on the first day it is available to the public.

When the last Potter novel was published in 2000, Amazon and FedEx delivered 250,000 books on the first day of availability. While it is impossible to know at this point how many people will get the newest book, “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" became Amazon's No. 1 best-selling book within two hours of becoming available for pre-order on January 15, 2003, and has remained atop the bestseller list since.
KC's View:
The only better option will be to actually go to the bookstore and deal with the hoards of children who will be scrambling for their copy of the book. (It won’t be pretty.)

And in addition to helping us avoid the crowds, Amazon is discounting the book by 40 percent -- from $29.99 to $17.99.

Exactly what is the downside of ordering from Amazon? (Okay, there’s the three-buck shipping charge…but that seems like small potatoes for avoiding the store.)

Oh, and by the way – if Amazon sells the same number of books that it did three years ago with the earlier novel, it will generate more than $4 million in sales of books delivered on one day.

Power of the Internet. Awesome.