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From NACS…
The convenience store industry's "core proposition" -- convenience -- is being delivered to the satisfaction of customers, according to the largest store level survey ever conducted by the National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS).

In the NACS 2002 Customer Satisfaction Benchmark Study, convenience stores scored an 85.6 out of 100 on overall customer satisfaction.

"The results from this extensive consumer study demonstrate that despite today's fierce competition and ever-increasing consumer expectations, our core value proposition of convenience strongly resonates with our customers," said Teri Richman, NACS senior vice president of research and communications. "And perhaps even more important, the results of this study give retailers a road map to continue to deliver upon what consumers want most.”

The customer satisfaction survey asked consumers, on a store level, to rate stores on more than two-dozen criteria and their significance in contributing to customer satisfaction and, ultimately, loyalty.
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