business news in context, analysis with attitude, inc. announced that it is creating a new Healthy Woman store on its site, “targeted at over 140 million females in the U.S., is to provide women with a credible source of information that equally emphasizes traditional and alternative health solutions relevant to every stage of their lives.”

According to a statement from the company, “The new Healthy Woman store provides women with a full range of health solutions -- including vitamin supplements, dietary systems, informational books and videos, as well as one of the largest selection of menopause products on the Internet -- all provided in an environment where women can explore their health options and educate themselves about their health concerns.”

The educational component of the site is utilizing content from Healthnotes, the health and lifestyle content provider.
KC's View:
The thing we like so much about this approach is the combination of information with commerce, the understanding that knowledge builds sales.

It also is interesting how is working to expand its business by creating information forums in a number of areas. Just a couple of months ago,, it was the Sexual Well Being section of the site.

Wonder what it’ll come up with next?