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The Associated Press continues the spate of good press being given to, the New York City e-grocer that seems to have captured the imagination of reporters and even consumers throughout the metropolitan area.

The point of this piece: while FreshDirect delivers and promises prices up to 25 percent lower than tradition grocery stores, the real reason for the site’s appeal is that “it’s about the food,” according to Joe Fedele, the company’s CEO.

FreshDirect isn’t just selling product. It is offering preparation tips, and plans to create a recipe bank as well as online videos for at-home chefs. In addition, FreshDirect is planning to push its customization feature to consumers, telling them that they can choose cuts and thickness of meats, ripeness of produce, and other specifications that they used to have to do themselves while in-store.
KC's View:
This kind of customization, it seems to us, is the cost of entry into the e-grocery business…if you’re not willing to do it, you have no business trying to sell groceries online.

In a competitive environment where low price seems to be what everybody is offering (if not actually delivering), it is encouraging to see the “it’s about the food” approach espoused by FreshDirect. This strategy, backed up by online content, creates a consumer-friendly environment that we believe can thrive long-term.