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The May 2003 edition of Rodale’s Men’s Health magazine reports on health myths that could have an impact on sales…and almost certainly will have an impact on behavior:

1. A high-fiber diet will prevent colon cancer.
2. A soy burger is healthier than a beef burger.
3. Ginkgo Biloba will improve your memory.
4. Antibacetrial soap is better than regular soap for beating germs.
5. The higher the SPF of a sunscreen, the better.
6. Only women get breast cancer.
7. Aerobic exercise is the only exercise that will keep your heart healthy.
8. A PSA of 4 or more means prostate cancer.
9. Only old men develop Alzheimer’s Disease.
KC's View:
Huh? What was that about Alzheimer’s?

(You’d think we’d remember, considering how much Ginkgo Biloba we’ve been taking…)