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If I may, I’d like to drop the editorial “we” for a moment…

First of all, thanks to all of you who wrote in yesterday inquiring as to my health. As many of you noticed, MorningNewsBeat wasn’t updated until relatively late in the morning east coast time, and then you received two emails in rapid succession -- one with the day’s headlines, and the other with a Special Alert about the settlement by MasterCard of the antitrust suit filed against it by Wal-Mart and a couple of million other retailers.

My health is just fine. It was the health of the server that carries MorningNewsBeat that was in question yesterday, as we ran into a series of problems that just got worse and worse as the morning wore on. The news was ready to be posted by 6 a.m….but it didn’t matter. (As many of you know, computers often seem to have a mind of their own; getting the server to cooperate was about as easy as reasoning with my eight-year-old daughter.)

Anyway, the problem was made worse by the fact that I spent most of the day in the air.

The circumstances and complications got to the point where I could only laugh and trust in the talents of some terrific computer guys who handle this kind of work for MorningNewsBeat. I won’t bore you with the details – these are my problems, not yours. But eventually, as is evident by the fact that you’re reading this, we got things back in working order. And we were even able to be one of the first industry websites to report on the MasterCard settlement…proving that silver linings do exist. (That email, however, carried the dateline of April 1, which confused a couple of people. We suspect leprechauns to be at fault, and are investigating.)

Ultimately, MorningNewsBeat is your website, and we appreciate the emails, the interest and the uncommon investment you seem to have in its success.

And we’ll see you tomorrow.
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