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The Kroger Co. announced the official national launch of Naturally Preferred, its own brand of premium-quality natural and organic products now available to all of the Company's nearly 2,500 stores.

With approximately 140 items offered under the Naturally Preferred label, the national rollout ranks as one of the larger brand launches in Kroger's 120-year history.

A broad variety of products are now available under the Naturally Preferred label, including baby food, pastas, cereal, snacks, milk and soy items. Kroger says that all items must pass a rigorous taste and performance evaluation before they can earn the Naturally Preferred label.
KC's View:
Yesterday, it was a story about Frito-Lay launching a new Natural line of snacks that follows the U.S. Department of Agriculture's standardization in labeling organic products. Today, Kroger.

Sense a pattern here?